Quran and Me in Ramadan

*Picture taken from YouTube*

Imagine me trying to finish the Quran more than once in Ramadan! It’s improving my relationship with Allah, the book (English contents/Arabic audio) and helping my mental health. I’m so happy.

My study consisted of listening to the Quran in Arabic, following along, while also reading the English translation. The parts I knew I read in Arabic and revised. Also, I tried to match the English translation to the exact words. It was challenging.

Finally, I read the summary on the ajzaa and topics on a Quranic website. So interesting. I’m the same person who was reluctant to link faith and the Quran with my mental illness journey. But this year after reading I’m realizing how much I like learning about Allah and the past communities. It makes me feel whole.

I didn’t know this could happen. I’m also noticing where I needed to rely on others for an Iman boost and Islamic education. I think this is important for solidarity and community cooperation.

I anticipate this journey (inshaAllah) with the Quran to continue after Quran and I want to work hard to study under the experts in my area to let this improve my health.

3 Things I learned through this process:

• It’s helpful to read a summary of the chapters and itemized outlines in addition to the translation. This, before you get to tafseer and such obviously.

> Benefit: My memorization and reading became stronger by the end.

• Listening to Arabic while reading English makes you concentrate more on what’s being said in both languages.

>Benefit: Translation word to word became easier as time went on and my vocabulary improved somewhat

• It takes patience to sit with Allah’s words and digest the material properly in order to make lasting changes in your life.

>Benefit: I’m just getting started with my Quranic journey and this month has helped me get a jumpstart on my goals. Both health and Iman wise.


Updated: I’m finished my Quran reading alhamdulillah! Now I’m going back through, and this time I’m reading only in Arabic. It’s my sincere hope that this thread inspires others like me to get back to the Quran in Ramadan and throughout the year (obviously not as strenuous though lol)

Next day…Alhamdulillah today I finished juz 30 (Arabic audio/English) & juz 1 Arabic. I’m going back to the beginning. It’s going faster this time. I’m also finally learning properly the dua for witr. I have so many things to learn in Arabic subhanAllah. Today has been emotional 🙂

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