New Focus

(CW//Weight. Scale. Weight loss.)

I’ve embarked on a new health and fitness journey in the last week. Lately when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw at all. It’s not just that my weight has been an issue but I looked tired, stressed, worn out, older than I actually am and just generally blah.

I didn’t look happy. And I hated this for myself. So I sat down and took a hard look at what’s gotten me here: life issues, strife, mental health challenges, medications, thyroid problems, menopause…. Arghhh. I just screamed internally. It doesn’t matter how I got here, but I’m mad and I’m going to do something about it. This is what I thought to myself to stop from spiraling.

I decided to do something for myself as a pick me up and to revamp my life. So I’m embarking on a personal weight loss journey. I wanted to make it a whole endeavor since I knew this would be a big undertaking. I bought myself a scale, made a video introducing my new direction and set off.

The big reveal: I have 132-137 pounds to lose in order to get to the weight my dr suggested. It’s going to take discipline, determination and hard work but I can do it. I’m tackling this issue much like I did sports. I’m digging my heels in and getting ready for the fight of my life.

This won’t be easy but I know with Allah’s help I can do it. It isn’t insurmountable.

I want to chronicle my journey on video and my blog to see how things progress. And hopefully I’ll learn something along the way.

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